Thank you for contributing to Rana's birthday gift. I am suggesting these 2 artworks based on the fact that Rana is a big fan of these artists. The first work is a painting by Sumayyah Samaha for 6000$ and the second is a sculpture by Nayla Romanos for 3100$ (pictures attached). Both artists have kindly extended a 20% courtesy discount which would bring down the prices to 4800$ and 2500$ respectively. 


The amounts were suggested based on roughly 20 people who expressed interest in contributing and a random guess/hope:
1. $125 
2. $200
3. $250 

Let’s make it real special for Rana!



Lines and Forms III Oil/Charcoal on Canvas 122x92cm
“SHHH” Bronze 23x28x28cm ed. 1/8
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